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Water Buffalo Horn Jewelry in Queen Victoria Era

Water Buffalo Horn Jewelry
Water buffalo horn jewelry is one of material that uses and a long time ago woman mostly uses material from shell and gold and was known as jewelry in the Victorian era. The name of the era comes from the name of Queen Victoria of England. Her government lasted 64 years and is one of the longest in history.

This tough little woman has an indirect influence on almost everything, including in the development of fashion and taste in combining matching accessories that she wears with clothes, and in which parts of her body are the center of attention. Queen Victoria is a fashion icon and her style inspires even now in the world of fashion.

Queen Victoria, herself, was not too aware of the clothes until she successfully climbed the throne and pushed her into the center of public views and attention. The style of clothing and accessories in the late 1830s consisted of a fitting corset, a waist with a natural shape, and a bell-shaped skirt, especially against queens with a small body size, which is only 4’11.

Its small body and not too high makes it look attractive in a simple style. The clothes she wears are always adjusted well, for example adjusting the clothing model with her riding habits.

Queen Victoria arranged the style to wear a red & gold tunic, a blue riding skirt, and a small furry hat to review the forces that are still used today by her granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth.

For most women of her time, in the Victorian era, Queen Victoria tried to dress to please the men in her life. Her first prime minister, Lord Melbourne, advised her for everything, including what to wear. He is one of the advisors in her dress.

Water Buffalo Horn Jewelry Compared to the Victorian Age

Victoria’s beloved husband, Prince Albert is also one of the advisors in dressing and mixing matching clothes and accessories. Queen Victoria always wanted her clothes to be made in England, she did not want to be made outside of England.

The dress worn for her marriage to Albert in 1840 was no exception. The charming dress is made of satin Spitalfields and trimmed with Honiton lace. This beautiful dress forms a new trend, not only for future nobles but all brides who will come after the era.

In addition to trends in dress, Queen Victoria also provides trends in the event of death. After Prince Albert’s death in 1869, dark-colored stones such as black jets were used in jewelry because the entire country mourned the death of Prince along with the Queen. During the mourning period, women wore black clothes and black jewelry.

Jewelry is made using Jet, Bog Oak, Onyx, French Jet, and similar materials. Gemstones are worn in Mid-Victorian times and some of the others, such as amethyst, crystal, diamonds, opals, tortoiseshell, and emeralds are also very popular.

During the late Victorian period, parts of birds and other animals were used to beautify jewelry. This type of decoration seems to be terrible nowadays. However, jewelry is a tool to show off the interests of someone and people in Victorian times, using butterflies arranged with gems, animal shapes made of or gold arranged in jewelry.

Lace Pins in the Victorian Age and the Current Trend of Buffalo Horn Jewelry

Lace pins are popular during later years in the Victorian era. This pin is used by women to place the rope firmly on their dresses. This small lace pin is decorated with pearls, stones and is made of gold or silver.

In the late 1800s, there was one type of jewelry made exclusively from pearls of seed sewn on the mother of pearl along with white horsehair. It takes a lot of time to make jewelry like that so the price eventually becomes very expensive and must be used very carefully.

Thus the description of jewelry in the Victorian era and in today’s era also wear accessories from water buffalo horn jewelry that give a charming, elegant and timeless impression, for example, Sarah Beekmans horn necklace.