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Horn Necklace and Reasons for Women Wearing Necklaces

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People have worn necklaces include horn necklace in almost all of human history. In ancient times when jewelry was only available especially for the royal family, people wore necklaces as symbols of social status and power they possessed.

Today, necklaces are available for everyone. Different people have different reasons for wearing a necklace. In this article, we will discuss why people wear necklaces.

The main reason for most people to wear a necklace is that the necklace is very beautiful jewelry. This is an instinctive desire for humans to seek beauty.

On the one hand, wearing a necklace can enhance a woman’s appearance and inspire her charm. On the other hand, wearing a beautiful necklace makes people feel more beautiful so that the person looks more confident and thus will look more attractive. In addition, the necklace has the potential to pull the eye to or away from certain body parts.

Horn Necklace and Why People Wear Necklaces

Another reason for some people to wear a necklace is their belief in a particular necklace that has a meaning behind it. For example, native Americans wear turquoise necklaces because they believe that turquoise is a piece from heaven and can bring good luck to them.

Some people use their birthstone because they believe that birthstones carry a special meaning and will bring good luck to them.

Finally, some people wear horn necklaces for love. Horn Necklaces are often sent to certain people as romantic gifts to convey messages of love. A girl would prefer to wear a necklace sent by her boyfriend because it is symbolic and very meaningful to her. On this occasion, the horn necklace is the bearer and witness of love.

Maybe you still have another reason to wear a horn necklace. What has been listed above is a common reason for people to wear horn necklaces. However, you can get different answers from different people for this question. There is nothing wrong and nothing is right, all is personal tastes and opinions.

Horn Necklace and History of People Wearing Necklaces

We have decorated ourselves for centuries from previous generations. Animal teeth, bones, shells, and feathers have graced the bodies of our ancestors to the royal and aristocratic jewels that have been kept in the museum to this day. We might hope that jewelry is used differently now, but even the gold buttons in our scuffed boots have more influential history to this day.

Why do we decorate ourselves? One American psychologist Abraham Maslow brought up the ‘Needs Hierarchy’ – pyramid on the basis of physiological factors followed by security, love/belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualization in essence.

If we look at jewelry through the lens of Maslow’s theory, then its use will fall into our higher needs. For example, for ‘love and belonging’, jewelry may have been used to attract couples by showing wealth or seduction by giving gifts.

In modern times like today, it can also be used to show affiliation with certain groups. This can be expressed by giving necklaces not only to girlfriends but also to friends or to oneself by buying horn necklace .