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Selling Original Hermes Horn Necklace

Hermes horn necklace

Hermes Horn Necklace – The Hermes brand strategy for a boutique that selling original Hermes horn necklace is always in the hunt for consumers because the goods available are fewer than demand. In addition, there are several other strategies.

According to the company’s annual report, Hermès products are available in the following categories namely leather goods and leather saddles, men’s and women’s ready to use clothing, footwear in the form of shoes or sandals, belts, gloves, hats, silk scarves, jewelry, furniture, fabrics for furniture, wallpaper, tableware, fragrances, watches and other small knick-knacks.

The company’s brand strategy is consistent in each line and each product category has a strong exclusivity aura. The strategy that is followed and adopted by the company ensures that the aura of exclusivity is closely intertwined around its products. Hermes always avoids being the only premium but they want to emphasize that they are super premium.

Hermes Marketing Strategy When Selling Original Hermes Horn Necklace

Some examples that will be discussed below illustrate the different characteristics of the strategies carried out by the Hermès brand as follows:

1. All new employees and craftsmen are carefully selected and undergo a full three-day training session at home called “Inside the Orange Box”. They taught about the origin of the company back to its founders and the history of the development of each of its product categories.

Necklace The purpose of this training is to make every employee of Hermès feel close, there is an emotional bond and is involved so that he can identify with the culture, philosophy, and values of the company.

2. Twice a year, 1,000 shop representatives from global stores around the world come to Paris for an event called “Podium”.

Each flagship is instructed to select at least one item from each of the 11 product categories, which is an attempt made by the company to encourage each of the leading outlets to exhibit and sell products that are outside the general category (eg bags, scarves, ties, perfumes, jewelry, watches, etc.) Hermes horn necklace

This can add to the appeal of the Hermes brand because not all products are available in every store and online store offering only a choice of company products. Each product is unique and if you want to collect a number of items, the buyer must go to several boutiques or stores spread throughout the world.

3. Hermès does not seek and need celebrity support as a brand-building tactic and they have actively moved away from this form of marketing (a practice that is quite common among their competitors, the LVMH brand).

The fact that only A-list celebrities and those who are very wealthy and have access to their most premium and exclusive products are the original support of the Hermes brand.

4. Hermès does not follow the strategy of launching region-specific collections or product offerings. The same collection of products is sold everywhere throughout the world. For them, they are a trend and not following trends in the country.

Hermes marketing strategy when selling original Hermes Horn Necklace

5. Hermes held a 2-year mandatory training for a craftsman before he could start working on composing and making any leather products in the Hermès portfolio. This certainly slows down production time but the company’s philosophy always maintains scarcity and exclusivity.

Hermès leather goods division employs only 200 craftsmen a year and never adds even though orders for these products are increasing every year.

6. Hermès has always been a significant supporter and user of the “limited edition” strategy and also limits the distribution of his products in his stores.

Limited goods make buyers have to wait or have to go around to several countries to find collections that they desire that are often far from the place or country they live in. Surely this is not an obstacle for the wealthy women in the world, right?

7. Hermès has introduced “patience” as a very strong principle and element in his brand strategy. Customers cannot expect to enter the store and come out with a Birkin bag. Instead, someone must order and wait a few months before they are ready. Even though they have abundant money, there is no guarantee that they will get their ideal at that time.

8. Collaboration with designers is a mainstay of the company’s strategy, especially in the household furniture category. The aim is for designers and companies to benefit from their respective reputations so that they are mutually beneficial for their respective publicity.

9. The collaboration of companies with brands outside the Hermès brand portfolio consistently in the ultra-luxury room – John Lobb shoes and boots, Puiforcat tableware, and Saint Louis cutlery and glasses. Hermes only works with brands that already have a high reputation in their respective fields.

10. Hermès products are never offered at a discount. All their items are full price.

You can see that even though the accessories in the store that selling original Hermes horn necklace were done by giving a discount price.